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    MenuBar tag not working?

      I finally got FB4L working on Fedora 6. Now I am trying some sample applications. I managed to get a small test application working with a label tag. Compiling and viewing in FireFox went smoothly.

      Now I took the next step: the MenuBar tag. This one is not working well. I used the sample code of http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/15/asdocs_en/mx/controls/MenuBar.html

      I do not get a menubar, but a "textbox" with the content of my XML text as it appears in my source code.

      Anyone else has more luck with this MenuBar tag?

      I suppose we can post these kind of bugs as the FB4L is still alpha?

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          MarcelBoucher Adobe Employee
          The problem is not with Flex Builder, it's with the sample :)
          In the menubar MXML tag, you need to specify the labelField property. Otherwise, the menubar does not know what to display. Use this and it should work:
          <mx:MenuBar id="menubar" labelField="@label" dataProvider="{myMenuData}"/>