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    Applying styles to text and graphics

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          I was wondering if there's a way to make a style (or something like it) that includes position/font size/etc. and not just font/font color.  I'm making subtitles for a foreign language movie and saving some sort of preset for this would be really handy.  I have Premiere Elements 10.

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            IIRC, in versions up through 10, one can create a Title, and then use Export>Title Template (one of the few remaining functions of Export), and include Styles, including font, font size, font color and position. Then, one can use that Template to create new Titles.


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              Just some tips along the way to getting your saved title in Premiere Elements 10 Windows.


              1. After you create your title in the Titler and click done, it is the thumbnail of the created title in Project Media that you highlight, followed by File Menu/Export/Title to get your title as a .prtl file saved to the hard drive. If instead you had just highlighted the title on the Timeline, then you would expect to find Export grayed out in the File Menu/Export route.


              2. When you go to import this saved .prtl file into one of your Premiere Elements 10 Windows projects via Get Media/Files and Folder, you should find that you end up looking at the Get Media window with all is options displayed and no signs of your .prtl file. What you do is click on Media to enter Project Media where you will see the thumbnail for your .prtl file.


              We will be watching for your progress.