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    Illustrator files crashing After Effects

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      This is basically addressed to Todd since he works at Adobe (or anyone else who may have experience with this problem)


      A couple weeks ago I posted about a crash I was getting when I opened a project I was working on. I was getting weird errors about dynamic link and premierepro.exe, even though none of these features were actually used in the project.


      Here is a link to my post.



      It turns out there was one AI file causing the crash. Don't know why, it opened just fine in Illustrator. So I deleted the file from the project and had no more issues. I figured this was a small chance which wouldn't occur again.


      Since then I have reinstalled Windows and all the programs. Still working on the same project. I go to add an existing AI file to the composition and the moment I click on the icon I get a repeat of the crash errors as I did before. Luckily when I reopen the project it doesn't immediately crash, but still this is very frustrating because it is just a small AI file that has nothing to do with Premiere or Dynamic Link.


      So basically, does anyone know why an Illustrator file would cause AE to crash like this?







      Windows 7 Ultimate (updated)

      Creative Cloud (updated)

      Intel Core i7 3770k

      Crucial M4, 256 gb SSD

      GeForce GTX 570 1.2 gb

      16 gb RAM

      1 TB Media Drive

      2 TB Ext drive (where the project is stored)

      WER: 7.7