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    Photoshop Cloud

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      Why cant I buy my software why am I forced to use the cloud? If I am layed off from work and cant make the monthly payments how will I get a new job without being able to use the tools I need?


      I guess its pretty much Adobe doesnt care about there users needs or wishes.... This is the new Model. We are sticking to it and we will show the users what they need if they can make the monthly payments..

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          Adobe does this because their monopoly can.


          They'll make a lot more money.


          As you can gather, we area all users like you in these forums.


          Do a forum and a Google search; this topic has been rehashed ad nauseam.


          In short, if we are not the type of user to whom this subscription model appeals, Adobe doesn't want us as customers in the future.  Period.

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            After 20 years of singing there praises thats a very sad state of affairs.


            Anyone have an alternative to photoshop?


            Personally I cant live with the cloud as its structured now.


            I agree I really think they could care less what we think. I did the survey and said heck no to full cloud. My opinion definately does not count.


            We are the customers. If they disenfranchise enough of us they get what they deserve.

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              I am not sure abiut your question. Assume that you already have older version of Photoshop. Then keep using it is your choice. If you don't have Photoshop now and can't effort to pay monthly fee, how can you pay a lot more for perpetual one?

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                skosi wrote:


                …If you don't have Photoshop now and can't effort to pay monthly fee, how can you pay a lot more for perpetual one?


                One thing is affording a one-time payment of $699 and another one is paying a monthly tribute of $20 per month for life.  The latter one would  come to over $2,000 dollars in ten years plus whatever monthly-rent increases go into effect during that time.  It could reach $50,000 if you live long enough.


                The OP talks about someone who would buy into the subscription model and lose his job temporarily over time.  Even if he kept his current CS6—which will be the last perpetual license to continue to be sold forever—he would not be able to open many or all of his files.


                What's so difficult to understand about that?



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                  IMHO, If we assume that Photoshop upgrade cycle will be at 18 months, and we alway needs the latest version, we can not compare 10 years period as you mentioned. it should be $20 times 18 = $360.


                  About can not open many of all files that we create with the latest CC version, I think CC model is yearly payment contract. In case we lose our job, we can stop subscribe at the end of the contract. Then we can subscribe again when we got a new job.  Or the company that hire us should subscribe to CC, may be CC for team or Enterprise. This cost should be on them, not us who is only the employee.


                  Just my 2 cents.