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    Use s3 bucket as the vod folder

    John A Anthony Level 1



      I am new to Adobe Media server . I want to stream videos present on s3 bucket of Amazon web service. My workflow is as follows:


      1. Install and run Adobe Media server of Amazon Web service (AWS) EC2 instance (ubuntu 12.04).

      2. Upload my video files(Full HD mp4) to the s3 bucket on AWS.

      3. Mount the s3 bucket on my EC2 instance.

      4. Use the mounted folder as my video source folder.


      I have done the following to achieve this:


      1. Mount the s3 bucket to /home/ubuntu/ams folder.

      2. The s3 bucket has a folder "source", which has all my videos.

      3. I have changed the "HttpStreamingContentPath"    in httpd.conf file in Apache 2.2/conf folder in this manner for hds-vod and hls-vod:


      LoadModule jithttp_module modules/mod_jithttp.so

      <IfModule jithttp_module>

      <Location /hds-vod>

          HttpStreamingJITPEnabled true

          HttpStreamingContentPath "/home/ubuntu/ams/source"

          HttpStreamingJITConfAllowed true

          JitFmsDirPath ".."

          Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks


      4. I have also changed the the following in /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini file

                a. VOD_COMMON_DIR = /home/ubuntu/ams/source

                b. VOD_DIR = /home/ubuntu/ams/source/media


      5. Restart the Adobe Media server.


      After doing all this I am not able to stream my video file(sample.mp4).


      Please let me know if I missed anything.



      NOTE: Before changing the configuration files i was able to stream the sample videos present inside webroot/vod folder.

      Version: Adobe Media server 5.0.1