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    Camera Raw


      I downloaded the trial version of Elements 11. Under Plug-ins, Camera Raw is version and Updates lists all of my applications as up-to-date. I can’t figure out how to get Raw 7.4 and open my new Canon SL1 cr2 files and don’t know whether this is a problem with Elements 11 or just the trial version. Help!

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          R_Kelly Level 7

          You should be able to open those files if you update to camera raw 7.4 by going to Help>Updates from within the photoshop

          elements 11 editor.

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            matthewrl Level 1

            With Elements 11 trial, I have Camera Raw Under Help Updates,

            I am informed

            that all of my applications are up to date. Is the problem the trial

            version or Elements 11?

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              R_Kelly Level 7

              Sorry i should have read your first post more carefully.


              What operating system are you using?

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                matthewrl Level 1


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                  R_Kelly Level 7

                  See if Help->Updates works after deleting the following folder contents:




                  To see the above folder you'll have to check Show hidden files, folders and drives in the Folder Options

                  in any open explorer window.




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                    matthewrl Level 1

                    Followed your instructions to the letter, even restarted.


                    Help still shows up-to-date applications, plug-ins still shows Camera Raw

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                      R_Kelly Level 7

                      You might try this Direct download links for Camera Raw 7.4:





                      I'm unclear whether this is supposed to work with pse 11 or it's only for photoshop cs6.

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                        matthewrl Level 1

                        Nope still didn't work:


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                          matthewrl Level 1

                          update failed.jpg

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                            R_Kelly Level 7

                            I guess we'll have to due a manual install, so at least you can use camera 7.4 for the rest of the trial period.

                            It may seem a little complex, but it's not hard.


                            1. Download the Adobe DNG 7.4 Converter and install the dng converter.

                                (this installs the camera profiles needed for camera raw 7.4)





                            2. Download the camera raw 7.4 installer as you did in the previous post, except don't try to install it.


                            3. Unzip the camera raw 7.4 folder



                            4. Open the payloads folder




                            5. Then open the AdobeCameraRaw7.0All-220313134332 folder




                            6. Then unzip the Assets1_1.zip folder


                            7. Inside the Assets1_1.zip folder is a file called 1003




                            7. Rename the 1003 file to Camera Raw.8bi

                               (right click on the 1003 file and press Rename)





                            8. Right click on the Camera Raw.8bi file and click Copy


                            9. Go to


                                C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 11\File Formats (64 bit vista system)




                                C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\Elements 11\File Formats (32 bit vista system)


                            10. In the above folder drag the camera raw.8bi file that is there to the Recycle Bin


                            11. Then right click inside the folder and press copy and that should paste the new Camera Raw.8bi file there




                            With any luck the next time you use camera raw in pse 11 it should be version 7.4



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                              matthewrl Level 1

                              Yea!! It worked. Now I can play with the Raw files from my Canon SL1, decide whether I really want to shoot in RAW & then (if so) buy Elements 11 or stay with Elements 9.


                              Thank you for your (quite considerable) time and effort.


                              If you live near Research Triangle in NC, I'll buy you lunch.