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    Looking for localize names of script folders

    Damienned Level 1

      Hi, i'm trying to get a list of all the scriptfolder names.


      This will solve path issues with other language versions of illustrator.


      My script for now:


      scriptfolder = {

      en: "Scripts",

      nl: "Scripts",

      de: "Skripten"



      var imageiconprinter = File(app.path+'/Presets.localized/' + app.locale + '/'+localize(scriptfolder)+'/idatabase/Images/Infopanel_heinerich/heinerichinfopanelprint er.png');




      I've defined a country like de: which is german and put the correct foldername behind it.


      I would love to have a list of all countrys.


      if you don't have a list just fill in the foldername and countryname of your country.





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          pixxxel schubser MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Perhaps this helps a little bit. It is language-independent and shows the path (or the name) to the corresponding scripts folder completly.


          #target Illustrator
          // at first save this script and than run
          var fo = File($.fileName).parent.fsName; //path to scripts folder
          //var fo = File($.fileName).parent.name; // the name of scripts folder
          alert (fo)


          The result should always display the folder where the script is stored.