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    How can I edit a black title frame?

    Tommyvincent Level 1

      I'm now just experimenting with 8 short clips, trying to learn something about editing. Instead of using any of the "fun" title frames in PrE10, I want black opening and closing title frames. I placed these frames in my movie with the place holder Add Text in the center. Even though I select the Add Text and try to replace it with the text I want, the Add Text remains. I've tried everything. Can someone give me a step-by-step way to insert and edit black opening and closing titles with white text.


      One more thing. I bought a new HP computer (Windows 7, 8 RAM, 1TB hard disk) with PrE and Photoshop Elements preinstalled. I wonder if these are the full programs or just scaled down versions. In the control panel I see that PrE is 1.23 GB; Photoshop is 2.59 GB.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          To get a black background in a Title, there are a couple of ways to achieve it.


          If the Title is placed on the Timeline, with nothing below it, i.e. on Video Track 1, and nothing above it, the background will show black. What we see as "black" in the Titler, is really Transparent, but if there are no pixels below that Title, it WILL be black, when one Exports/Shares.


          If there are videos below the Title, say a Video, or Still Image (Title would be on a higher Video Track), but we want the black to appear below the Text, blanking out the material below that Title, then we can first create Black Video (from the New Item button in the Project Panel - slightly different locations per versions of PrE), place that on Video Track 2, and the Title on Video Track 3. The Duration and placement of that Black Video would match up perfectly with the Title. Now, there will be black behind the Text, blanking out any Video below it. Another method would be to create a Filled Shape that fills the full Frame, and set its Fill to black. Then Text would be added in that same Title, above the black Filled Shape. This has the benefit of keeping both the black background and the Text in one Title, so only the placement and the Duration of the Title has to be considered - one does not have to adjust both the Black Video and the Title - they are combined into one Asset.


          Now, if you are still seeing "Add Text," there are two issues, that I can think of to cause this:


          When you went to edit that Template, you did NOT Select the Add Text placeholder, but instead, clicked with the Type Tool, and basically created a second Text Object, above that placeholder Text Object. You did not really edit the "Add Text."

          You have two Titles, where one is the Template with the "Add Text" placeholder Text, and the other with the Text that you did edit.


          When you open the Title Template into the Titler (the Title editor window), there are two ways to Select that "Add Text" placeholder Text. One can use the Selection Tool (the arrow), to click within the area of that placeholder Text. When you do, you will see a Bounding Box form around that Text Object, indicating that it has been Selected. From that point, one can make adjustments with the Handles on the Bounding Box, or they can then go to the Type Tool (the T), and edit the placeholder Text. The second is to use the Type Tool, and then click, or click+drag in the placeholder Text, to highlight all, or portions of that "Add Text" placeholder Text.


          The first method is useful if, for instance, one needed to edit just a letter in existing Text, as it's usually easier to isolate that single character, or characters. OTOH, if one clicks in the correct spot, within the existing Text, with the Type Tool, a step is saved.


          This article goes into more detail on Titles, and also has some links to tutorials on using Titler: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4976998#4976998


          Note: Some of those tutorials are for Premiere Pro (mostly CS 6), so the look of the Titler WILL be different from those in PrE, and a very few functions might be demonstrated, but unavailable in PrE. However, the vast majority of the instructions rely on the general mechanics of Titler, and those are the same in all versions of Premiere - they might just look a bit different.


          Good luck, and please report your progress.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            If you want to remove Add Text after opening the Premiere Elements 10 Windows Titler, just hit the computer Delete key and start typing.


            In this example, I opened the Titler in Premiere Elements 10 using the T icon at the bottom of the monitor. After I did that, my Premiere Elements 10 workspace looked like:



            I hit the Delete Key of the computer, the Add Text disappeared, and the cursor was ready for typing at that location..


            I could have instead selected the Selection Tool when I saw the above, clicked on the Add Text to bring up the bounding box around it, hit Delete, go to Type Tool, place my mouse cursor wherever I wanted to type in the Titler title monitor, and type.


            As for the file sizes for your Premiere Elements 10 and Photoshop Elements 10, I have the same for Photoshop Elements 10 (2.50 GB) and for Premiere Elements 10 program (1.23 GB). The Premiere Elements 10 Content also has a 1.23 GB file size if you install full Content for that version.


            Please let us know if the above answered your question.


            If you are just looking for a black file. Then check out Project Media New Item/Black Video.



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              Tommyvincent Level 1

              Thanks to both of you for giving me the information I needed. The black title with white text problem is solved. I'm sure there will be other problems ahead though. PrE is complex.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great news Tommy. Glad that you have got your black Title w/ the reversed (white) Text.


                Do not hesitate to drop by, should you have any questions, or encounter any problems.


                Happy editing,



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up and good news of your success with the Titler. That opens up a lots of possibilites from text titles to title templates to enhance your presentation.


                  A just in case note related to your question about program file sizes. If you have installation discs, then you can use the Content disc appropriate for your operating system that Elements is running on. The Content is just Premiere Elements (Disc menus, title templates, etc.) The full Content install will have a file size of 1.23 GB. If you purchased the program as an online download, you can download the same Premiere Elements Content from the following Adobe link:



                  Best wishes on your projects.