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      Youtube notified me that I needed to install the latest version. It was loaded with a bunch of spamware and I was given NO CHANCE TO OPT OUT OF ANY OF IT BEFORE INSTALLING. Are you kidding me? Or was I hacked/spammed by someone posing as Adobe? I wound up with a new tool bars and several programs I had to uninstall. I don't have time for this when I simply NEED to upgrade my player. I hope that this is a one time even. Please don't force me to use Safari. I'd hate that, but less than having a bucketload of crapware installed on my computer every couple of months when I need to reinstall.



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          Can you be a little bit more specific what you mean by "spamware".  I have downloaded/installed/updated/used Flash Player since version 6, and have never gotten any "spamware" with it.