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    Brand Design Style in InDesign

    BobM1990 Level 1

      Hi Guys


      As a graphic designer for different customers, I feel that I need to get a good way to register the brand designs I create or that I have to use for my clients (also those who had a brend design before but came to me recently).


      Now, I was wondering how you guys create brand design books or if they are easy tools or... to do so?


      It might sound stupid but I guess that, in 2013, there should be more easy ways but writing everything down in a new InDesign document? For instance the color bars and CMYK-codes you want to show in that document or file and so on.


      I now use Swatches and Swatch libraries, Paragraph styles and so on, but isn't there something else too to easy give a resume just like a brand design book?



      Thanks in advance