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    VoIP over RTMFP

    jp auclair Level 1

      I am trying to make a "room chat" using cirrus

      in a single room, a few (1-5) user connect and talk (audio only)


      I am using:


      _outgoingStream = new NetStream( _netConnection, _groupSpec );

      _outgoingStream.bufferTime = 1;

      _outgoingStream.audioReliable = false;



      _groupSpec = _groupSpecifier.groupspecWithoutAuthorizations();





      _incomingStream = new NetStream( _netConnection, _groupSpec );

      _incomingStream.bufferTime = 1;




      _groupSpecifier = new GroupSpecifier(mSessionID);

      _groupSpecifier.multicastEnabled = true;

      _groupSpecifier.postingEnabled = true;

      _groupSpecifier.routingEnabled = true;

      _groupSpecifier.serverChannelEnabled = true;


      I tried multiple different combinaison of all the above.


      and the microphone config:

      var mic:Microphone = Microphone.getEnhancedMicrophone();

      mic.codec = SoundCodec.SPEEX;

      mic.setSilenceLevel(0, 2000);

      mic.gain = 50;

      mic.framesPerPacket = 1;





      The problem is, I'm getting HUGE latency of the audio

      (between 5 and 15 seconds!)


      And when I connect with skype on the same target, I get under 1 sec



      Could you help me define what are the best settings for what I am trying to achieve?

      -> groups of 2-5 ppl, all connected together to talk


      I dont care much about sound quality, but more about latency.