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    Problem with removing the book from ADE. Software seems to 'remember' the file despite deleting it.

    michal kwiecinski



      I just bought a few ebooks (DRM PDF files) from an online retailer. Two of the files work perfectly well but with the last one I have a big problem. The file should be 40.9mb (according to seller's website) but after downloading it to my computer my file is around 19mb. After opening the file I cannot see any graphics. Thera are all 504 pages but without any graphics.


      When I clik info tab it says 'document uses unsupported pdf feature'.


      There is no such info when I click the other file which is OK.



      I tried to delete the file clicking this little arrow and than removing it from the disk (physically deleating c:\Users\Admin\Documents\My Digital Editions\).


      when i try to install the book once again click on 'URLLink.acsm' that I got from the seller the whole book appears instantly in ADE (no downloading takes place). It looks as if the file was stored somewhere on the disk and it quickly reopens instead of downloading everything from the very beginning.


      I hoped that after redownloading the file it will be ok...but I cannot do this.


      Is there any other place on the disk where ADE stores information about downloaded books?? Registry? Windows temp?


      How can I get rid of all the traces of unwanted file?