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    Have Pr Project chopped up into 15 sections, need job to encode

    peterkellner1 Level 1

      As the picture attached shows I have a Pr project that has a timeline that I've chopped into about 15 pieces.  My goal is to create 15 separate .wmv files.  Doing one at a time, I can mark each of the 15 segments (with I and O), then say File/Export to WMV, then say "queue".  Finally, I can go into the mass encoder program and say start and I believe it will create me my 15 wmv files.


      What I want is to create a "job" of these 15 encoding jobs and save that job.  Then, come back either later, or on another computer and start that (even days later).


      2 Questions:


      1. Is there a way to save my job definition with all the 15 Ins and outs and encode that later (or on another computer)?
      2. Am I going about this a stupid way? Is there a better way to achieve what I want?  That is, I'm doing a 45 minute module of a course that needs to be delivered to the vendor with 15 separate logical files)


      Thanks for any insights. I'm new to Pr and learning fast.