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    minecraft duplication glitch video?


      Hi i'm very new to these forums and i was wondering can i use adobe premiere pro to make a video like this regarding this video im thinking about creating about minecraft ( it's a game :b )

      The video i have in mind is something like this.



      Is it possible to craete such video with adobe premier pro?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In general terms, yes.


          However, much will depend on the program that you use for the video screen capture. Many only allow one to Export with limited CODEC's, and formats, and a lot of those CODEC's do not work well in PrPro.


          My first course of action would be to find a video screen capture program, that DOES allow Export to a CODEC, that PrPro can use.


          One MOD here, Jeff Bellune, does great tutorials, using Camtasia, with the TechSmith CODEC's. Some of his tips appear in this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2324919#2324919 IIRC, most of his comments were geared toward PrPro CS 3, but should apply pretty well with PrPro CS 6.


          It is good that you are asking now, because many folk will just pick the video screen capture program, and then struggle to get its footage into PrPro. You have the advantage of choosing a video screen capture program that WILL work with PrPro.


          Good luck,