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    Possible to Update All Titles Across a Project?


      Hello, wondering if it is possible to update the style of say 20 titles across a project, by updating the template they are based on. 


      For example I wanted to change font from Arial to Times and wanted to change a border box around the text from Red to Green. 


      If I have based these titles on the same template, can I just update this template to see the updates applied across all those titles.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately no way to do it automatically across all Titles. However, you can create a Style, with the desired changes, and Save that, then apply it to each Title.


          Were those Instances of a single Title, then you could change one, and have that change apply to all Instances. Being New Titles Based on an existing Title, they are separate entities.


          Since Titles are stored in the PRPROJ file (the Project file) in XML, I suppose that one could use a text, or XML editor, to Find & Replace the necessary instructions with the updated instructions. Were I going to do that, I would make sure to Save that PRPROJ file some place safe, in case my Find & Replace operation went haywire.


          Good luck,