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    Where is the Flash program available - not the installer - the program?


      For a week now, when trying to install Flash, a veritible necxessity these days like it or not, the program that I downbload that downloads the installler that will download and install Flash times-out on this computer Vista 64, a Vista 32, a Windoze 7, and a XP machine. I read and followed all oif the stuyff that blames the client. Now, will Adobe fix their end?


      Or, provide a linlk to the actuall file that is the Flash program, not a downloader to download a installer to download the Flash program! Obviously, when Adobe times-out on a brand new fresh install of Vista 64, and new computer with 7 - it is not likely the client.


      Oh yes, I had my ISP check, and the modem and router, and plugged directly in to mode bypassing router. Same time-out and, same stupid 'Here is why it's your fault client' messages.


      Why not let some download sites, like Cnet, or Brothersoft or others store it there where can get it?


      Half the work I do needs my browser to use flash. Maybe renaming the insaller to adobe_flop_version26445375483445389209.exe might help?


      A good program doesn't need to be upgraded, updated or foxed once or twice a week.


      I hope Googoyle can find a Flash alternative.