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    applescript export artboard as psd


      How can i export only the artboard as PSD?

      When i use this script a lot more is exported.

      with timeout of (10 * 60) seconds

          tell application "Adobe Illustrator"


              set dpi to 90 as text

              set documentnaam to name of current document

              set newFilePath to (path to desktop folder) & documentnaam & ".psd" as string

              export current document to file newFilePath as Photoshop ¬

                  with options {class:Photoshop export options, color space:RGB, embed ICC profile:true, resolution:dpi, warnings:true, write layers:false, antialiasing:true, editable text:false, artboard range:1 - 1}

              close current document saving no

          end tell

      end timeout


      Maurits Brock