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    Need code help to make website work

      I am using Flash CS3 (ver 9.0)

      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

      I am creating a flash website and have all of the content in one file with multiple layers and separate movie clips inside scene 1. I have a movie clip for the home page, a separate movie clip for about page... and inside each of those movie clips is where my content is for that page.
      I have a separate layer for labels, and a separate layer for actions. I am having trouble getting the actionscript to work correctly.

      What I want is a preloader (which I already have), then to have the intro/splash page play through, and at the end of the intro/splash page I want it to automatically go to the home page and stay there until the user clicks on one of the buttons to go to another page.

      My labels are "introPage", "homePage", "about"...

      My preloader code is: (even though it gives me a warning that _totalframes is no longer supported)
      if (this._framesloaded >= this._totalframes) {

      In the second frame in my actions layer I have the code:

      Actionscript for "introPage" is:

      Actionscript for "homePage" is:

      this.home_btn.onRelease = function() {

      this.about_btn.onRelease = function() {

      With the code given above the whole website just blinks really fast showing the content for only a second and then starts running through the whole cycle the same way again.

      If I remove the above code for the "homePage", except for the stop(); everything works fine until it's time to enter the home page which it does not do.

      Please let me know what I'm doing wrong with my code. And I know from reading other posts that it's better to have separate swfs for each page but I'm not sure how I would link them later if I did it that way.

      Thank you,