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    Sony AVCHD (MTS) shimmering lines issue (moire? aliasing?)


      I have just started working with AVCHD / MTS source files (29.997 fps, 1080p) and have been experiencing a problem with shimmering straight horizontal or diagonal lines. The source files look fine, but upon exporting / converting to a common format for veiwing (e.g. H.264, MPEG2, FLV, etc), any detail in frame consisting of high contrast straight lines or sharp edges exhibit shimmering. High contrast horizontal lines and diagonal lines are the most problematic, though even the sharp, high contrast edges of lettering on placecards (panel discussion) have the same shimmering issue. Also, the shimmering appears as a change in brightness, i.e. light to dark, at a frequency of about 2 Hertz, though the frequency can vary slightly. I have tried converting from AVCHD / MTS to nearly every available export format available, tried all of the different frame rates available, and have tried using other available attribute variations, e.g. Profile, Level, Bitrate Encoding, Target Bitrate, Max Bitrate, Render at Max Depth, Max Render Quality, Frame Blending, etc.


      Perhaps there is some format selection that needs to be changed in camera in order to avoid this issue in the future? 


      I will research further, but presently have no idea as to what can be done to solve the issue.  :-P


      Schuyler Hupp

      Austin, Texas