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    Trying to replace catalog using Win7/PSE9


      I have been haveing severe catalog issues for the last week after installing Windows 7. 


      I decided to insert my original HDD in my laptop, along with the new HDD and Windows 7.  I then deleted the MY Pictures folder from the new HDD and copied the My Pictures folder from my old HDD to the new.


      Since I felt my newly restored catalog file was corrupted, I wanted to copy the catalog file from my old HDD to the new one.  I renamed the folder on my old drive by appending 'old' to the end of it, doing the same to the catalog .db file within the folder, then dragged the folder to the Program Data/Adobe/Elements Data/Catalogs folder.


      I fired up PSE9 holding the Shift key to select the catalog that I was using on my old drive.  It would not let me select the folder or find the catalog file in the folder.  I tried creating a new catalog file, but the message "Catalog file with same name already exists in that folder".


      I then just tried to point to the catalog file on my old drive, (btw, using 'custom' option in the catalog management window), and it still would not let me open the file.  I say it won't let me open the catalog because, when I navigate to the folder with the catalog name, even single and double clicking on it, I don't get the 'Open' button on the Catalog Management window highlighted.


      Is there something I am missing about catalog files?  Do the have to be registered somehow within Elements before I can use them. 


      ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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          andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

          Please revert back the changes made and try taking catalog backup from the older hard disk using File >> Backup since moving files and moving the catalog folder externally from older to newer hdd, will not work as expected.




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            gellswor Level 1

            Thanks Andaleeb, I think the backup I took from my old hdd that resides on my external drive is good.  On my new hdd, running Windows7 I will delete all of my image files and catalogs, irregardless of the name.  Then do another restore.


            When I do the restore, I guess I can't select 'restore to current location' because there is no current location, correct?


            Also, the check box 'Restore Original File Structure' - does this just apply the structure to the way I have my image files stored or is there something else that it is doing that I am unaware of?


            Thanks again.

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              andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

              If you have full backup of your catalog, you can restore it on the new hdd by using File > restore. Choose a new location to restore, and do check the restore original file structure checkbox. These options will create your catalog at the new specified location + the folder hierarchy of media will be restored as is on the new location.

              Hope that explains the two things you pointed out.