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    What is the current driver for an nvidia geforce 9800gt gpu please?

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      in my pursuit of installing the trial of cs6

      i have fired up another desktop computer

      win7 64bit // 8gb of ram // 4 x 7200rpm hdd


      it has an nvidia geforce 9800gt  (it is a LEGACY card)

      (but it doesn't look like the one on the nvidia website with dual dvi

      this one has 1 hdmi, 1 dvi, 1 standard monitor)


      it has 1gb ddr3 memory


      installed, the gpu driver is (according to gpu caps viewer)


      when i check on nvidia's website it says the current driver is this


      320.18 whql (release date may 20, 2013)





      can someone please confirm i'm in the right place if it's not too much trouble


      the gpu seems to be working spot on, but i'd like to have the driver on file

      in case anything goes wrong


      i'm not one to update unless something is broken or amiss or i need new features


      thanks in advance, j