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    Photoshop CS6 creates too many History States withing 1 stroke

    soom1976 Level 1

      I'm on MAC OSX 10.6.8, Photoshop CS6, using a Wacom Cintiq 12".


      Too often Photoshop remembers way too many History states within one pen stroke. In previous versions I don't remember this behaviour. Previously, each stroke, no matter how long, was registered as only one History state, until I raised the pen from the tablet. Now, totally sporadically without any obvious rule, Photoshop decides to remember even 100 history states within only one stroke.

      Although this is sometimes useful, if you work on really long strokes, but mostly it's highly disturbing, as after using just one tool to paint only one little circle, I loose all my other, much more important History states.

      Can somebody explain to me why???