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    IE error using cflayoutarea and CFchart Flash

    LukeDD Level 1
      I've create a simple layout using tabs that load other templates.

      <cflayout type="tab" name="myPortfolio">
      <cflayoutarea name="overview" title="Overview" style="margin:20px;">
      <cflayout type="hbox">
      <cflayoutarea align="left" size="200">
      <cflayoutarea size="80%">
      <cfdiv id="mydiv2" bind="url:welcome.cfm" />
      <cflayoutarea name="myITServices" title="myITServices" source="itcalls.cfm"></cflayoutarea>
      <cflayoutarea name="SSR" title="Specimen Signature Record"></cflayoutarea>
      <cflayoutarea name="Procurement" title="eProcurement" source="procurement.cfm"></cflayoutarea>
      <cflayoutarea name="SSRAdmin" title="SSRAdmin" source="ssradmin.cfm"></cflayoutarea>
      <cflayoutarea name="mySettings" title="mySettings" source="mysettings.cfm"></cflayoutarea>
      <cflayoutarea name="News Central" title="MyNewsCentral" source="newscentral.cfm"></cflayoutarea>

      Then SSRAdmin layout area loads ssradmin.cfm which basically executes a query and renders a pie chart. Works great in Firefox but not so great in IE where i get a IE prompt with the following error. error processing javaxcript in markup for element ssrAdmin:. When I change the format of the chart to jpg, it works fine. Any suggestions?