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    photoshop.com data??


      How do I know if there are any pictures or videos stored in photoshop.com from an account using an old e-mail account created while using an earlier version of Photoshop Elements? Old e-mail address is holley.family@charter.net and new address is laurieholley@gmail.com. When trying to check under new account it said that it was not possible to register for photoshop.com and to go to Revel instead. I am not sure if that is because it was not registered and used under latest version of Photoshop Elements and that there is nothing stored in photoshop.com for either possible account. Please advise on how I can check for any stored data.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Migration of jpegs from Photoshop.com to revel started in April. You should have received a communication from Adobe. See this FAQ:



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            laurie278 Level 1

            Answer from 99jon is not helping.  I looked through FAQ and it does not answer my question. I understand about migration, but cannot access photoshop.com. I don't know if this is because there is nothing there or the change in e-mail address caused inability to access old data. I am looking for some way to confirm that there is no data in my old or new accounts if they are not one in the same. The current account says that I cannot create a new photoshop.com account. Does this mean that there is no photoshop.com data associated with my current account? My old account, if it exists separately, can't be accessed because password is forgotten. I cannot update with new password because that e-mail address is inactive and messages will bounce. Old e-mail address is holley.family@charter.net. Please advise further.