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    twitter api and $("#Stage").css("margin","top") issue

    claursen Level 1

      I put the twitter api from commonedge.org into my web project.

      But I couldn't get it to work until i removed this from my stage:




      Once it was removed, the twitter api worked fine... 

      when I put it back in, it stops working again.


      I'm puzzled why this is?


      Anyone have an idea?

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          claursen Level 1

          Ok,... so I figured out this was a line from hell... and I dont even know where I got it from

          (as I've been juggling learning edge's actions/codes and messing things up).


          Not only the twitter, but nothing else worked, symbols, actions, mouse and touch functions until I removed this line.


          Once I deleted $("#Stage").css("margin","top") from the stage... it's all happy again

          (until I put something else in that i have no clue what does)


          it would be interesting though, if anyone knows if there EVER would be a reason to have this line?

          And why it would/could kill all other functions?