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    Big Problems with PP -> AE -> Encore MPEG2-DVD export

    President Beeblebrox Level 1

      Hey guys & gals


      For the last two days I have pretty much torn the remaining hair from my scalp...


      I have a 190 minute 1920x1080 25p Video, all prepared in Premiere Pro.

      The Video has ONE audio track and THREE video tracks.


      Each of the Video tracks has some transitions (in my case: Roll Away (page peel)).


      One of the vids is the main video, the two others should appear in Picture-in-Picture Frames created with After Effects.


      The end result should then be rendered to MPEG2-DVD and a DVD created with Encore.


      Here are my two (?) problems.


      Problem 1: Premiere Pro & After Effects


      - When replacing my nested sequences (each video track is its own nest) and send it to AE all seems well.

      - However: None of my transitions will render out of AE (basically clip 1 cuts right away to clip 2 without the transition)


      Problem 2: MPEG2-DVD export - sound is too short


      - When I render my footage to MPEG2-DVD using AME, the sound is always too short.

      - Example: I got a 24 min chapter and the sound only lasts around 23 minutes. Then it just goes silent while the rest of the video plays.

      - (I multiplexed the sound into the MPEG2 file).


      Possible Solution?


      I have tried so many things already... Now I am thinking about this:

      Is this a solution for #1?:


      - export every video track separately and lossless (Windows Media, 1920x1080 25p ?)

      - export the sound sound track as AAC sound.


      - Create a new timeline with the newly rendered (have all transitions in them) videos.

      - THEN send them to AE again. AE does its thing.


      For Problem #2 (sound too short) I have no idea right now. That is the most vexing of my problems.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Regards from Berlin,

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          tfi productions 44 Level 1

          hello,  to get you going you probably want to post back with:


          system specs

          which adobe version you are using


          the part i can help with is you should NOT mux together audio and video

          when exporting the mpeg2-dvd:  you should use the mpeg2-dvd preset

          and render out separare audio file and video file

          you will need to load them separately into Encore on the timeline

          (i'm not sure if this will fix the shortened audio, but other more wiser users

          will posit this as a step in the right direction)


          one thing to try would be to load the project into AME

          set up the separate files to be encoded via the mpeg2dvd preset

          tweak if necessary

          AND THEN select the last 5 minutes of your timeline to export

          to see if the shortened audio is fixed


          (i learned to export small pieces of projects checking for quality

          while doing a 85 minute timeline from 1920x1080 to mpeg2 recently)


          hope this gets you started, j

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >multiplexed the sound into the MPEG2 file


            See my reply to your Encore posting http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1219857


            Multiplexing video and sound is only for computer playback, not for DVD authoring

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              President Beeblebrox Level 1

              Thanks John & tfi for clearing up the audio/video issue!


              I will try that now - I am confident your advise works!



              As far as my system is concerned: Pretty fast i7 with multiple disks, Software is Creative Cloud Subscription (so all should be up-to-date).



              Maybe I don't get this whole Premiere / After Effects combo. I am a PPro advanced user, but an absolute AE noob


              So: I have a sequence in PPro. It has all kinds of transition effects in there, such as the "roll away" page peel.

              When I replace the sequence with an AE comp, I lose my transitions. In AE it shows all of the effects, such as 'roll away' between the clips, but they all have 0 duration.

              AE cuts from one clip to another without the transition.


              I hope I don't have to render my three videos out to lossless WMF or something and then put them in AE. In total, I have 6 disks with 90 chapters to go. That would be 270 exports before I can even begin working in AE...


              Again, thanks guys! And more help is even more appreciated

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                President Beeblebrox Level 1

                In the meantime I found the very unsatisfying answer to my first problem:


                Transitions in PPro are not available in AE - except for the cross disolve...

                That is very sad but can't be helped it seems. Worst case I will go to cross dissolve, but that is not really what I need.


                Does anyone know whether there are 3rd party transitions that work both in PPro and AE? I understand that the model those two programs use are very different, I am just trying to find a solution that will avoid me having to export 270 lossless sequences just to be able to keep my precious transitions


                Thanks again for all your help!

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                  tfi productions 44 Level 1



                  at this point i suggest you create a thread in the AE forum as well

                  asking for help


                  here is some dated 2009 info re: AE and PPRO




                  is it possible to eliminate AE from the equation by doing your picture in picture in premiere

                  by resizing the videos? 


                  this way you can keep your transitions....


                  cheers, j

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    AE does its thing.


                    What exactly is it's 'thing' in this case?  Why are you sending everything to AE?