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    Photoshop Elements Problem

    Ashlyn Sarno

      I recently bought Photoshop Elements 8 and have installed it to my laptop. It is asking for me to make a URL and I know that Photoshop.com is no longer accepting new URLs but the program wont let me continue without making one. Someone please help!

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          This is an older version of elements, and as you have realized it will not be able to communicate with Photoshop.com . You can use Elements without Photoshop.com, you just will not be able to sync to our online cloud.


          Did you try to enable a sync or interface with Photoshop.com? This forum is for Revel, so I am not very familiar with the settings in the old Elements program. If there is a place to enable this communication or login, you should disable it. I will try to find an old copy of this software and load it to see if I can help further.