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    After Effects 4K Title & Animation Issue




      I am having an issue implementing titles for my project in PP that were created in AE. I had someone make me title animations and logo animations for me. He designed them for 1920X1080, but my footage and sequence is 4096 X 2160, and now he's on vacation for three weeks in Europe.  I have all the assets and project files for this project. I tried to do a simple change in the sequence settings of the comps but that didn't solve anything. I also tried scaling up the layers but then the animation paths got messed up. How can I re-size the titles so they match the sequence correctly?






      AE -

      MAC OS X - 10.8.3

      4K RED Footage - 4096 X 2160



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          Check the comp resizer script that comes with AE and there's a similar, more advanced floating around on AEScripts or AEnhancers somewhere. Though the aspect ratios being slightly different you may still need to intervene manually. If ev erything is based on shape layers, vector artwork and text layers, enabling the collapse transformations switch might also allow scaling the pre-comps up without any loss of quality whiel retaining the animation...