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    Media Files in Premiere Pro CS5.5


      I have several large 60GB media video files I will be importing into the project section of Premiere Pro CS5.5   These files are stored on an external hard drive (will be using FW800) where I plan on working with these files from the external HD.   The question I have is, once I import them into the project section of Premiere Pro CS5.5 and start editing with various pieces of video from the project files, will the original media files residing on the external HD be changed or edited in anyway or will they remain the same?   It is my understanding that these files will remain unchanged and that CS5.5 will just use the data from the original files and then once the PP Project is exported, the data will just be copied from the original media and the original media files remain unchanged?  I would appreciate it if someone could confirm this to be ture.   Thank you!