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    Why won't camera raw v4.6.0 open a Nikon D3s raw file?


      I have a new-used Nikon D3s and Photoshop CS3 extended. I am using plug in camera raw version 4.6.0. I can see the raw file in bridge. When I double click the thumbnail photo it goes to a window in Ps that says, "Could not complete your request becasue it is not the right kind of document."

      Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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          Obviously that camera model is not supported by that version of ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), nor will it ever be in any version of ACR that will run on CS3, as CS3 is not supported anymore and there will be no more updates for it.


          The Nikon D3s was supported for the first time by ACR 5.6, which only runs with Photoshop CS4.  All later versions obviously support it now.


          Your choices are to upgrade your Photoshop or to use the free, downloadable Adobe DNG Converter 7.4 (or the 8.1RC beta version) to convert your raw NEFs to raw DNGs first, then open them in your current version of ACR.

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            You should know that the rendering, capabilities and performance of the current 7.x and 8.x versions of ACR are so far superior to their predecessors, that you will be leaving a lot of image quality on the table if you choose not to upgrade.


            Some of us even found ourselves re-converting and re-editing some of our raw files that had been edited in previous versions of ACR, and even re-considering working on some that we had rejected because we deemed the dynamic range to be too extreme to render adequately.


            Incidentally, what Bridge is showing you is the JPEG preview embedded in the raw file by the camera, not an ACR-rendition of the raw NEF file, so that has nothing to do  with what the image will look like in ACR one converted.






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