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    How to remove 24pa pulldown?

    Norma3n Level 1

      Hello, my first post as a new CS6 user coming from FCP7. So far I'm loving it.


      Here's the thing; I dragged some 24pa footage off a HVX200a P2 card onto the disc then imported to a 1080/23.98 timeline.

      All looked great until I applied the warp stabilizer or the C2 lock&load stabilizer plug-in then everything went crazy not stable at all.

      I looked at the file properties and it said Frame Rate: 29.97 (24p) and I assumed the 24p was the pulldown removed.

      I captured the same fooage through FCP's capture window that has a dedicated pulldown removal button then imported that.

      The properties show Frame Rate: 23.976 and the filters work fine.

      Can you tell me what I'm missing please?