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    Problem Exporting a Video Originally Imported using F4V Format


      the last version of flash i used with Macromedia Flash MX. Now i'm using Flash CS6, in fact this is my first time using it and i've been trying to get this task done for just over 12 hours now but i can't seem to figure it out....


      I have 3 videos that i split up into 3 scenes using windows live movie maker


      then i used media encoder to convert all the cenes to F4V


      From there, i imported the first Scene of each video into individual layers in Flash CS6 used the "Load external video with playback Component Method


      The reason why i use that method was because when i use the other method with the video in FLV format the video and audio was out of sync when i exported/test scene


      with the load external video method it works perfect in test scene... pretty much the way i want it to, however when i export the video it doesn't even play my best guess is that's because each video is only on one keyframe. and needs to be converted and action added.


      am i right? where do i go from here? how can i export these scenes... what am i missing?