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    Dreamweaver CS6 versus CC feature set question


      I must not have been paying close attention when CC was announced.  I had the distinct impression the current version of CS6 would be maintained and updated and CC would be "next version".  I see that "CC" for Dreamweaver is version 12.1 while my version of CS6 is version 12.0xxx.  I read about a number of new update features in Dreamweaver - the update was for version 12.2. 


      To cut to the chase, have ALL updates (other than obvious critical ones) to CS6 been concluded?  Is it now, basically, end of life? 


      I'm a student - I paid $450 in February 2013 for a student copy of the suite; if I need to upgrade (and Dreamweaver changes suggest yes), I'll have to start paying $20/month student rate to get these version 12.x updates.   Budgets are tight; I just want to make sure that's what I have to do.  It's not like I actually have a second option in the marketplace to replace it..... The changes in 12.2 are critical for my use/education.