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    Dreamweaver 12.0 - Fluid Grid Layout problem - I have 12 columns - but some DIV's are too wide

    RickChicago Level 1



      Working on a new look for a current site.  I have 16 columns. Left div is 3 columns, next is 7 columns, then 3 and 3. Total: 16


      The 7 column Div is pushing the right Div's off the layout by several "columns". If I delete the thing, everything is fine. Make it just 2 columns wide and the layout is messed up.  I've tried naming it different things, starting from scratch - twice. Still have the same problem. Deleted, recreated, moved up and down. Nested and not nested.  Next step is to say forget it.  Wasted four hours on this already.


      Screen grab of the layout - all looks nice and clean.


      Here's what it looks like (In Chrome, IE and Firefox.)



      What's really annoying - undo/Ctrl-Z does not undo "visual" changes.  I can edit text, resize a Div by dragging the right handle, do an Undo - and my text edit is changed - not the resize.


      Any suggestions?




      Rick Drew