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    CFWDDX Time Issue with CF7

      We're upgrading a bunch of apps from CF5 to CF7. We've run into an issue with cfwddx that results in times coming across with one hour subtracted - this didn't happen with CF5. Basically I'm packetizing query results with an action CFML2JS. If I just dump that packet via something like alert(mypacket.value) I can see that the date is intact. However, if I break it down via WDDX2CFML then run a cfquery against it, the datetime fields are all coming back one hour short, i.e. 10 PM instead of 11 PM. I'm suspecting I need to manipulate the usetimezoneinfo property of the serializer object, but I'm not sure how to do that - at any rate, is this a known problem with CF7? Any suggestions at all on how to get around this would be greatly appreciated!
      P.S. I'll be happy to post code if that's required.