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    Modeling state transitions between screens


      I'm trying to build a flex application that is made of 20 or so screens. Some of these screens are serially connected, much in a wizard manner, but many others are not.

      I have not found a language construct yet that would allow me to model these screens as states and that would allow me to trigger event-based transitions.

      It sounds exactly like what States do, right? But the actions within a State are all about "addChild" and "removeChild" and it seems awkward to define all the UI components in this additive manner.

      Isn't it possible to define a container for each screen and then simply move from one to another container based on button presses?

      This sounds like what viewStacks do, right? But viewstacks seem to load all at the same time, don't seem ideal either.

      So I'm looking for a best practice pattern for this. I'm having a hard time believing that all the flex applications can fit in one screen with accordions, tabbars and similar.

      Thanks for a great article series! FIG is the best I've read so far, and it's spot on... designers need to learn a new visual language.