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    Splash Screen Embed issue




      building app using Flex 4.6 with AIR 3.2 for iOS, i came across an issue with the Splash Screen on main application that on applying it and push the first view which loads an external swf having *Embedded images , the access Class for these Embedded images comes with an Error Type #1007 but on removing (do not apply) the Splash Screen from main application , the same code for Embedded Class runs fine.


      am not understanding the connection between External Swf Embedded images and the splash screen. any help regaring the issue would be highly appreciated.


      For reference:


      Embedded Code in external swf file as follow:-




          import flash.display.Sprite;

      import flashx.textLayout.compose.ISWFContext;

      public class Slide1 extends Sprite implements ISWFContext


              [Embed("slide1/sldBg1.png", mimeType="image/png")]--------- the *Embedded image

              public static const bg:Class;

              [Embed("slide1/9_SmileyFace8.png", mimeType="image/png")] -------- the *Embedded image

              public static const pic96:Class;

              [Embed("slide1/slide1.xml", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]

              public static const slide:Class;


              public function callInContext(fn:Function, thisArg:Object, argsArray:Array, returns:Boolean=true):*{


                   if (returns)


                           return fn.apply(thisArg, argsArray);


                   fn.apply(thisArg, argsArray);





      App xml:


      <!-- Whether the window is initially visible. Optional. Default false. -->








      thanks in advance.