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    Deploy sling bundle from Maven repo.

    Ove Lindström Level 4



      the Content Package Maven plugin [1] is an excelent tool for deploying bundles to the environments, and I especially like that it is possible to deploy bundles by just defining their maven artifact coordinates and load them from our Nexus repository. Howerver... we have made our sling bundles, such as taglibs and services, into just that, standalone sling bundles. They have their own versions and could be deployed by their own.


      Is there any way, without re-packing them in a content-bundle or embed them in one, to just point at the maven coordinates and have them installed to the target environmet "directly" from the Nexus repo? Like we do with the content-bundles.


      mvn content-package:install  -Dserver=mysystem.demo.com  -Dvault.artifact=org.mysystem.cq:myservice:1.0.0





      [1] http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/core/how_to/how_to_use_the_vlttool/vlt-mavenplugin.h tml#install