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    Output to form


      Hi All,


      I would like the following code snippet to display its result on a text box on my form.


      if (global.count == null) {
      global.count = 1000000
      var f = this.getField("jobCount")
      f.value = global.count

      I am using acrobat professional 9.0.0 and the Advanced>Document processing>Document JavaScript as well as the Edit All JavaScript options are disabled (grayed out).


      Could I please have a list of steps, if the above objective is achievable....THANKS!!!!



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If sounds like you form is either secured, has the Reader Rights applied to

          it or was created in LiveCycle Designer... Either way, you can't edit it

          like that.

          If it's secured you have to remove the security settings to allow you to

          edit it.

          If it has the Reader Rights save a copy to remove them.

          If it's a LCD form you have to edit it there, and this code will not work.