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    InDesign CS6 with outsources files/links connected by WAN/MPLS


      Hi there.


      We worked for years with 5-10 Layouters with several InDesign Versions up to CS6 inhouse on our Servers, connected by 100MBit cable and Pink-times about 2-3 ms.


      Now our "IT-professionals" had the great idea to outsource the Server to another location and we are now connected by a (German) telekom-WAN / MPLS with about 20 ms Ping time.

      Effect: Opening, Save, Print, all clicks in Indesign, show menues, scroll, ..... slower with factor 16-20 or "InDesign crashes down whith documents >40MB".


      Unfortunately we cannot find an official "restriction" from Adobe or a case-study somewhere in the the internet and it is very hard to explain "Microsoft IT`s", that Adobe works a little more intelligent than MS-Word...


      Does anybody have the same negative effects?

      Can anybody tell me what to do?

      Does anybody know solutions, exept "copy to local drive"?


      Note: This is a common way to save a lot of money for the IT-Crowds in your company for Service, Maintenance and Back-up`s. So you`ll have this scenario in weeks or months with only small delay, too!


      Thank`s to U all.