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    Why Has Adobe Removed The Option For Individuals To Purchase Software And Not Use The Cloud?


      As an individual who has been using Adobe products for about 25 years for my personal use and not as a business, I find the new policy of "renting" the software and using "The Cloud" for, at least in my case, a prohibitive monthly fee, to be totally unacceptable and will result in my no longer being able to afford using Adobe products.   I do not understand why Adobe cannot offer their new cloud program for individuals and companies that may wish to use the new system and have the resources to pay in perpertuity, but they should also have the option for those of us who would rather purchase upgrades for whatever programs we use and keep them on our computer without "The Cloud" service.


      I am 67 years old and living on a fixed income.  I basically use four adobe programs... Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Audition as I do volunteer work at a local non-profit radio and tv organization.  If I were to "rent" those individually it would cost $80 per month... so I could take the next deal and get access to all software for $50 per month... I cannot afford either of those.  If I could upgrade one or more of the  programs every two or three years... keeping them on my computer and not using "The Cloud," then continuing to use the products would be doable.  However, being forced into a program that requires a monthly fee and use of "The Cloud" which I do not need to use, seems totally unfair.   I certainly understand that there are  businesses and individuals who will love the new program, but why not have the option?  Or perhaps a "Senior" discount as you do for educators and students?


      Something to think about.  It seems Adobe may be moving to the "Cable Television" model of monthly fees that will go no where but up.