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    Getting debugger to work in Pro CS6

    celebritymusic Level 1

      Any tips for getting debugging to work on iPhones?


      The AIR file runs fine on the iPhone in non-debugger mode, but keeps asking for my ip addy no matter which one I put in.


      Maybe my workflow is incorrect?


      - my laptop is connected wirelessly to my router

      - iphone is also connected wirelessly to router

      - iphone connected by usb to laptop


      - permit debugging

      - quick publishing for device debugging - default interface

      - check 'install application on the connected device'

      - publish


      - go to debug menu > debug movie > in AIRdebug launcher (mobile)

      - the app starts up in Pro's IDE like it normally does (should this happen?)

      - run the app on the iPhone, and after about a minute it asks for my ip


      Thanks for taking a look