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    Cr2 from canon 6d


      I can open CR2 from canon 6d in raw versie with elements 11 (from Belgium)

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          Welcome to the forum.


          Are you asking IF you can, or just helpfully stating that you can?


          For PrE 11, there was a fairly recent update of ACR (Adobe Camera RAW), which is used to translate and manipulate newer Camera RAW files. It was for both PrE and PsE, and there was one for the ACR module in Photoshop, and probably Lightroom too.


          Adobe issues updates for ACR about every 3 - 6 mos., and those usually are for updating all Adobe programs, that use ACR.


          At certain points, Adobe will only develop a new ACR module for the most recent versions of the programs, that use them, so that if one had, say Photoshop CS 3, none of the recent ACR module updates would work with that. The user would need a newer host program, to work with the Camera RAW files from their newer cameras, or they would need to use another utility, such as the camera maker's Camera RAW program, or perhaps Adobe's free DNG converter.


          Good luck, and if your post IS a question, please elaborate a bit more.



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            Yes,if your question is

            open CR2 from canon 6d in raw versie with elements 11


            If you have Camera Raw 7.4 installed for Premiere Elements 11, you should be able to import camera raw images from the Canon 6D into an appropriate Premiere Elements 11 project. For editing purposes in the Camera Raw dialog, you do need to have Photoshop Elements 11 installed for that type of editing there.


            Watch out for the camera raw image file size, it can be large for the project settings. Although the program will allow you to import these larger images, it is not always in your best interest to do so related to the level of your computer resources. Go with what works for you.


            Note that there is a Common Folder involved in the path to the Camera Raw plug-in, installation will cover Premiere Elements 11 as well as Photoshop Elements 11 if you have both programs.


            Please let us know if information already supplied in your thread answers your question. If not, as Hunt suggested, please supply more information to help us help you.






            For reference if needed