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    Budget upgrade for editing dslr (AVCHD) into 1-5 minute shorts

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      I need to upgrade my current system to be able to edit Sony NEX footage (1080 60fps AVCHD) into short films, mainly to be viewed on the web.


      Hoping $500-$700 will do it.


      I have read the appropriate seeming FAQ's and searched the threads here and elsewhere, and I see a lot of discussion about benchmarks that are maybe up to 20% off of each other...


      ... so, my internal line of questioning has become, wanting to edit/encode/transcode/render (with warp stabilizer/color correction/basic dissolves/some graphics) short clips for web viewing, do I really need the commonly recommended gear that usually results in a $2000 new build?


      Basically I am just getting my feet wet here, exploring the idea of turning a hobby into a side business and just need something that works smoothly in the actual editing phase... and I am willing to wait a few minutes more on common tasks, if it saves me a significant amount of money. If it goes well and I am having fun, I will dedicate funds for the killer CS6 workstartion later.


      Where I have been noticing frustration on my current system (AMD 2.4ghz/8GB ram/no GPU), is in-editor playback is often stuttered (unless I render the workspace) and waiting for the warp stabilizer to do it's thing... that really slows my workflow down.


      For final rendering and exporting I am ok to go do something else for a while (sleep), but I would just like my editing experience to be a few degrees more snappy than it is currently (thuddy).


      Sorry, I am being a bit wordy here.


      I already have a tower case, 600W PS, 128GB SSD, multiple HDDs... so in my mind I am just looking for the CPU, MOBO, memory, cooler, GPU. And I have been considering the following:


      • i5-3570K
      • MSI/ASUS/ASRock with USB3/SATA 6GB/PCI 3.0 MOBO
      • 16GB 1600mhz in 2 sticks (leaving room for 16GB more)
      • and either the GTX-650ti (boost?) or GTX-660 which ever is most bang for buck


      Would this arrangment get me going with minor frustration, in terms of workflow (and again, I don't care if something takes a few more seconds-minutes depending on the task) ???


      I really appreciate any feedback and/or a list of the considerations I might be missing (which is likely)


      Thanks in advance!