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    Merging slowed audio and video.


      So I am currently editing a music video that was shot at 60fps. Each clip needs to be slowed 50 percent. We goofed on set and our slating was all out of wack, so now we need to go through and sync each slowed down clip to normal speed audio. So my question is, is there a way to make a subclip from the sequence that will retain the speed/duration settings we have set. Or are we going to have to slow it down, sync it, set the video back to regular speed. Merge clips and then slow it down every time we bring it back into the timeline?


      Does any of this make sense?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Does any of this make sense?


          Not really.


          I'm assuming you sped up the playback on set, so the performers lip sync would match to the real song when the video was slowed down?  If so, why was there a slate?  That's used for dual system sound when you will be using the sound recorded on set, which you won't be doing in this case.  So...just slow down the clips, remove the audio and manually sync to the real song.