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    Can't find Fuji XE-1 profile in Photoshop or Lightroom with ACR7.4

    trevortcraig Level 1

      I have a Fuji XE-1 camera and was pleased to see that this camera is listed as supported in ACR 7.4. However when I installed ACR 7.4 I cold not find the profile for my Fuji XE-1 in either Lightrrom 4 (or 5 Beta) or Photoshop CS6. I can find a profile for my old camera a Fuji X100 but not the new one.. I also use the standard Kit lens with this camera, the 18-55mm OIS F2.8-4 lens and it is not lsted either. Am I doing something wrong as I look for it under camera profiles. Is their a way to load them into ACR from an external website or are they "baked into" ACR 7.4?


      Any help here to let my camera be recognised would be greatly appreciated. I am using an iMac withg the latest version of Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and OSX 10.8.3