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    Striping and banding artifacts on a vignette

    MickeyTee3000 Level 1



      I have Premiere Pro CS5 and having an issue with vignetting. I created 'Black Video', then generated a circle, inverted it and applied a fast blur. This works beautifully except in the attached jpeg example, not sure what to do.

      Seems to be because the 'jumper' is basically quite bright, so when the vignette 'fast blur' is applied, the 'striping' and 'banding' happens.

      Any suggestions what to do? I tried adding the 'camera blur', no real improvement. When I export using a different (worse) codec, the problem is slightly less noticeable (for obvious reasons I suspect!). Searched the forums, and the net at large. I guess perhaps a totally different method of creating a vignette? Or is this effect/ artifact a limitation of the system? Is there a way I can apply some kind of 'scatter' to randomise the 'blurring' more?


      Vignette - banding.jpg

      Thanks thanks for your help