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    Submit form doesn't work in edge Inspect


      I have a contact form in my web and when i submit a form that doesn't work in edge inspect. Edge Inspect after a short time program stops working unfortunately. Form is not submitting and email also is not send. I have a form and i use AJAX to send form data with email to client.

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Please provide more details:

          1. What exactly happens with Inspect and how does it "stop working"?
          2. What device(s) are you using and what version of Android/iOS are they running?
          3. What OS version and Chrome version are running on your computer?
          4. Is this page you're testing running on localhost or is it a public site? What's the URL?
          5. Does Edge Inspect work correctly for you with other sites? Have you tested other submit forms and seen a similar issue?
          6. Have you tried stripping down the page to the simplest case that stil reproduces the issue, and if so, can you provide that code to us?




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            edonbajrami89 Level 1

            Hi Mark,


            1. After  i click on the send button the program freezing and than it stops.
            2. I am using Samsung Galaxy 2, Android 4.0.4

            3. My Google Chrome is up to date Version 27.0.1453.94 m

            4. My page run in localhost (XAMPP), i have create a form that will send email to the client using AJAX

            5. I have use edge inspect in many websites it works fine in all submit forms, but this time is with form is with AJAX

            6. It is simple form it has method="post" and action to "email.php" which gets all the data from the form and sends email to the user

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              Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee
              1. To be clear, where are you clicking the send button, in Chrome or on your Galaxy 2? And the application on the phone locks up? For example, you can't click the button in the upper right and see the menu?
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              6. Ok


              Give this a try... open the page up in Chrome and wait for it to show up on your phone. Without clicking the send button, press the button in the upper right corner of the Edge Inspect client on your phone and choose the "Open in Browser" option. That will open a new window in the native browser on your device. When your page shows up there, click the "Send" button and tell us whether it works or not and describe what happens.


              Also, can you zip up the necessary code to repro this problem and send it to me at mrausch (at) adobe (dot) com ?