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    FlashBuilder 4.7 Auto-Generated Event Handlers


      I've recently moved from FB 4.5 to 4.7 because it was a free upgrade, but it seems to have removed some features that I normally rely on, especially auto-generated event handlers.

      In 4.5, I could call addEventListener on an object and enter an as-yet undefined function name as the listener, and this would bring up the option to auto-generate an event handler.

      However, in 4.7, this behavior is no longer there. I did some digging in the help files and it only says that it will auto-generate event handlers for MXML code, but I use FB to create AS3 code for regular Flash Professional Projects.

      Has anyone else run into this issue, and are there any workarounds? I'll use a code template to partially replace for now, but I would definitely like this feature back.