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    Indesign Implications for File Server Design Change


      Hi Everyone,



      I am not new to Indesign, however I am not a designer - I am the IT guy - so I just wanted to post this query here to see if anyone had any suggestions.



      Currently we have multiple file servers around the country (all very independant of each other). We are planning to set up Microsoft DFS in our environment so the data cen be bought back to our Data Centre for DR situations.



      I understand that Indesign uses UNC paths to find its images / links. I also know that you should keep the old server name going to a dead path so Indesign does not take ages trying to find servers before it opens documents.



      I guess what I need to know is, how frustrating is it for designers to have to update all of the Indesign files with the new links, it is something you can do in a batch? Or is it an image by image process. Is there any suggestions that anyone can make to minimise the impact? Unfortunately we have to go to this new structure (at the top level anyway - the lower levels will remain the same), but I don't want to cripple our production line having to open hundreds of files and relinking 1000's of images.



      We are running CS6 on Macs and PCs.